Buyers beware of Ebay's

Anyone doing business with should be prepared to be slandered.

If you choose to do business with Charlie Pringle and you have any problems at all, be prepared to be ignored, harassed and slandered. Then he will post your personal information in an attempt to intimidate you.

name: Charlie Pringle
ebay name: 76junkyard
phone: (417) 469-3820

RR 2 Box 456
Willow Springs, MO 65793

Update: 8-18-2014

I had a meeting today with a customer who is also an old friend. He is a Behavioural Therapist (Psychologist) and I built and maintain his private practice website. While we were sitting there drinking our Frappuccinos, my cell phone informed me of yet another email from Charlie. He could see my irritation and commented on "the incessant electronic interuptions of our daily lives".
I told him about Charlie Pingle's harassment and the conversation turned to dumb people and the fact that most of them just dont seem to know that they are dumb.
I showed him my collection of emails and this site. I sat there waiting for him to laugh at me and tell me just how stupid fighting on the internet is, (even though ive done my best to ignore Charlie) but he just sat there for a few minutes with a grim look on his face.
I was starting to think I had really screwed up somehow. Then he pointed out to me that every accusation Charlie has made about me, was copied from my complaint about him almost word for word. I told him I had already pointed that out to Charlie. Then he pointed to Charlies comments about my explicit behaviour with the 13 year old girl. Then he said, "where did that come from?"
I said I figured he was trying to come up with the worst thing he could think of. Then my friend said something that was kind of shocking. He said that after reading Charlies emails and looking at his video, "Charlie, if that is his real name, is a habitual liar and most likely a sociopath who shows no imagination of his own. He accuses you of the things he does to you, or at least the things you said he did to you". Then he sat there looking troubled like Ive not seen in the 15 years Ive known him. Then he said, "I have a sick feeling that somewhere in Willow Springs, is a 13 year old young lady who at the very least, has the inapropriate attentions of Mr Pringle".

He stopped short of making any molestation accusations, but his concern was obvious.

This is a really touchy, tricky situation. On one hand, I feel like I should warn any of Charlies friends or family who may have a 13 year old daughter. On the other hand, even though my friend is the smartest person I know and he is not often wrong, I wouldnt want to do that kind of damage to someone who may not be a pedifile, even though I'm fairly certain my friend is right about everything else.

All bickering aside, Charlie, If it is not already too late, PLEASE GET PROFESSIONAL HELP!

The Advertisment


The Reality

Every surface that is not shown in the ad is covered with rust and the rusty oil shield on the bottom looks like it was repeatedly dropped, but the problem was that 76junkyard simply dropped a cast iron intake manifold (with all four carburetor studs sticking up) into a cardboard box and shipped it!
See pictures below

When I informed him of the broken studs, he immediatly blamed someone else and said I could ship it back to him for a refund. This sounds reasonable, except that I had already paid $35 to ship it here. Now he wanted me to pay another shipping fee to return it.

Seller's message:
"please send tracking upon returning. thank you"

Your message to the seller:
"just so I understand you correctly; you want me to pay to ship this back to you?"

Seller's message:
"can you return it, or send a pic of broken part for me.was insured"

Your message to the seller:
"can you not see the attached photos? One of them clearly shows the bent and broken bolts. The other shows that the bolts poked through the shipping box because there was no packing material at all inside the box."

7 days later... Seller's message:
"can you end pics to or you can send it back . thanks"

My issue is not so much that this drug on from June 5th to July 4th with no satisaftory resolution and cost me an additional $75 to repair the damage. The problem is that I finally closed the complaint and posted a well deserved poor review and accused me of being a "WORTHLESS BIDDER AND DRUGGY"?

Seller's message:

Personal email from Charlie Pringle:

He then proceded to change his review of me from postive to negative and publicly slandered me calling me a "WORTHLESS BIDDER AND DRUGGY".
He has threatened me several times and has even created a youtube video with my personal information in an attempt to disparage my character.


Its now been 4 months and I'm still recieving threatening emails from this guy. He has completely devolved to making up lies. He has even taken to copying parts of this page and swaping his name for mine. Sadly, the only parts that are not terribly misspelled are the parts that he copied.

8-2-2014 Another Personal email from Charlie Pringle:
"The reason you cant find it because you dont have enough sence, you certainly are on some drugs or something. because i dont have a facebook page, i told you from the beginning that you are not talking to that person, that person is filing suit against you . you are one crazy ignorant piece of shit for sure, like to meet you face to face but im sure your a cowards, but you can worry, because someone is meeting you face to face by your surprize, matter of time, shit like you cannot stand forever, i assure you" - 76junkyard

8-2-2014 Another Personal email from Charlie Pringle:
"also anyone searching for your username soon all s.e will find you as fraud and trash. i have a perfessional that working on it," - 76junkyard

8-2-2014 Another Personal email from Charlie Pringle:
"have some interesting info about you, just been informed that ebay probably will restrict your account or possible suspend your account, thats funny" - 76junkyard

no, Charlie, its sad. Sad that you continue to lie. Ebay will not comment on any actions they may or may not take.

8-2-2014 Another Personal email from Charlie Pringle:
"Hi, Im charlies wife, i have just saw the slander site you put up, charlie has nothing to do with this, he is not even an account holder on ebay, call them for yourself, its so cruel that you would do such a thing , can i ask you to remove such rediculous site, please call me if you have any questions, " - 76junkyard

Charlie, if your going to invent email accounts from other people, at least have the sense not to use the same ISP with the same IP address in the header.

8-10-2014 Another Personal email from Charlie Pringle with the title "This is you"

someone said in a forum that this looks like you - 76junkyard

Really Charlie? how old are you?

8-10-2014 Another Personal email from Charlie Pringle:
Up to 988 hits, and 2 insulting comments, also someone said your wife has the biggest pussy in town . can i see a pic of her? - 76junkyard

8-11-2014 Another Personal email from Charlie Pringle:
This is getting more fun all the time, anxious to see how far you will continue this game by not removing the slander site, could get very ugly, also if you call here again and talk explicit to my 13 yr old daughter i will call authorities on you, also i will make sure the internet knows about you and you are about to appear on every search engine site as a slanderer, stalker, and possibly a sex offender - 76junkyard

8-11-2014 Another Personal email from Charlie Pringle:
Ebay has restored my 100%, due to your violation , also anyone clicks on the link can see that i have 100% and that you do have a problem, i have almost,5,500 transactions gave by good common people, , where does that put you? ???????? - 76junkyard

What it tells me Charlie is that you've probably done this to everyone who didnt give you positive feedback and that Ebays feedback system is not trustworthy because you got my feedback removed by telling a lie and not even offering any supporting evidence.

8-12-2014 Another Personal email from Charlie Pringle:
Just got off the phone with your city officials, very helpful and surprizing conversation - 76junkyard

8-17-2014 Another Personal email from Charlie Pringle:
you been quite, have you done thew world a favor perhaps?, soon will have the site done and send you the link, you will fall in love with me - 76junkyard

Its been quiet on my end for weeks because Ive been ignoring your grade school tantrums.

8-17-2014 Another Personal email from Charlie Pringle:
I warned you about explicit talk, i have already talked to my law officer, he said he will coccntact your town police and do check on you - 76junkyard

8-17-2014 My response to Charlie Pringle:
My attorney has filed a complaint against you with IC3. Since im sure you dont know what that is, Ill tell you. It is the Internet Crime Division of the FBI. Ive given them full access to my Ebay account, my hotmail, gmail and phone accounts. You can make up as many lies as you want and it may work on ebay, but not the FBI. It wont take much investigation to see that 100% of your accusations against my are lies, intended to slander me and that I have not lied about anything. You obviously dont understand the law or anything about email and phone records. Whatever program or website you use to read your emails shows you the senders email address and the text of the email but usually hides the headers. If you know how to view and read them, you will find out quite a bit like the fact that you've used at least 4 different email addresses to try to intimidate me. (all originate from the same ip address) You should think about that, if you attempt to create a fake email to support your accusations.

Here is what the investigator will find:

#1 My website is not slander. It is statement of fact. Everything on the site came from your messages and emails. All of which are easlily proven.

#2 Your videos are slander. Nothing in them is correct except for my name and address. Everything else you made up with the intention of hurting my reputation.

#3 Your accusations of me contacting your daughter and using explicit language are also slanderous because there is absolutely no proof. Youll have to show some kind of email or phone records and we both know they don't exist. The only phone records that do exist are your calls to me that were never answered. This is also easily proven.

#4 Your email and web history. You may have deleted your previous emails from your computer or email account, but they are there forever on centurylink's servers. Since Centurylink is your ISP, everything you do online is there for the investigator to see.

#5 You have threatened my life and told me that some mystery person intends to do me bodily harm on your behalf.

You have dug your own hole and now anything you do other than remove any slander you've made up and cease any further contact will only get you in deeper federal trouble. Most attorneys will give you a free hour consultation. The smartest thing you can do is to find one and show him everything you've got, from ALL our emails to BOTH of our websites and any evidence you may have created and try to listen to his advice. Stop listening to your buddies because they obviously don't know the law and they have NOTHING to loose. You however have quite a bit to loose.

8-17-2014 Another Personal email from Charlie Pringle:
that goes both ways, and your attorney needs some schooling. in missouri you are slandering, and thats not legal. and no one threatenen you and no harm was intended, would be a lot simpler just to remove the slander site if your that concerned, you keep pushing dude, not me, and in this message i see where a threat was intended from you, like i said earlier, this is becoming more than a civil matter, because this message will be delivered into the hands of my county sheriff, not a policeman, also #5 you are exaggerating as no one he said anything about bodily harm, but in this message there is an assumption that would indicate you mean bodily harm to me, your just making a fool from yourself, remove the slander site if you are not ointo games

8-17-2014 My response to Charlie Pringle:
This is really amazing. I'm starting to think you actually believe the lies you make up. You've told me about 40 lies. Do you actually believe any of them? You say I'm the one continuing this, yet you have sent me about 10 messages to every one ive sent. Yours are attacks, mine are simply responses to your attacks.
I have to admit I did tell you one lie and I feel badly about it because I feel it hurts my credibility. My attorney did not file the complaint with IC3. When I spoke with our corporate attorney about this, he took a quick look at my page, read your emails and told me you were probably a harmless idiot but that you were committing a serious crime and I needed to report you to the FBI.
So I filed it myself on 08/12/2014.
Complaint id: ***346872

Here's a lesson for you as explained by my attorney.
What you've committed by lying to ebay to get my feedback removed is called "slander". Its not a crime but it is a "tort". That means that while not punishable by law, it is a civil offence instead of a criminal offense. Since it didn't hurt me, it doesn't matter and no court will take notice.
What you've committed by posting your videos is not necessarily slander, it is "libel". However since it is a video, and meant to be watched and heard, a liberal judge may agree that it is both slander AND libel. Nether of which is a criminal offense. They are both torts.
Now I know you THINK you know what they mean, but you do not or you wouldn't be accusing me of them. Well you probably would anyway.
Here are the prerequisites to be considered libel

#1 published - both our statements are published
#2 injurious - both our statements are injurous, or have the potential to be injurous.
#3 unprivileged - both statements are unprivileged, meaning they were not made during protected activities.
#4 false - your statement is false. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to support even one of your claims. My statements are absolutely true and the evidence is your emails.
"A defamatory statement must be false -- otherwise it's not considered damaging. Even terribly mean or disparaging things are not defamatory if the shoe fits"
you do the math.  For libel your 4 of 4.

WC3 only gets involved due to your threats of violence against me and your accusation that I have used "explicit language" to a minor.
these are strait from your email:
"you can worry, because someone is meeting you face to face by your surprize"
"if you call here again and talk explicit to my 13 yr old daughter i will call authorities on you"
Note* if I ever did what you suggest and you didn't call the authorities, you'd be a pretty shitty and negligent parent!

If you had ever spoken to any authorities or even anyone who graduated high school, you would know that nothing I've done could be considered illegal, or even a tort yet everything you have done is text book libel and a few things are illegal

Typically, the elements of a cause of action for defamation include:

    A false and defamatory statement concerning another;
    The unprivileged publication of the statement to a third party (that is, somebody other than the person defamed by the statement);
    If the defamatory matter is of public concern, fault amounting at least to negligence on the part of the publisher; and
    Damage to the plaintiff.

Most jurisdictions also recognize "per se" defamation, where the allegations are presumed to cause damage to the plaintiff. Typically, the following may constitute defamation per se:

    Attacks on a person's professional character or standing;
    Allegations that an unmarried person is unchaste;
    Allegations that a person is infected with a sexually transmitted disease;
    Allegations that the person has committed a crime of moral turpitude;

since your an idiot and wont ask a pro, or even do a little research, I am now going to block you and any new email addresses you create and let the authorities deal with you.
I will leave you with this though. The fact that you don't understand the definition of "slander" or "lible", or that your positive that it means something other than the legal definition, will absolutely NOT protect you from prosecution.
Once you've been found guilty by IC3, a lawsuit against you for "libel and defamation of character" will be a slam dunk.
I cannot make you smarter, I can only suggest you speak with a professional. 

8-17-2014 Another Personal email from Charlie Pringle:
you are unbelievable. you are certainly unlike any being i have ever witnessed in my life, im tired of your calls and threats and slander, as long as there are a slander site you are pushing it, dont you have any sence to know that?, do what you have to do but hurry, my case # is 77229084. you have went beyond civil issues, you have been reported to federals, ebay removed my feedback because of your character and behavior i prooved to them. you also dont know how to read a message, face to face means hopefully a law officer will be talking to you, you ignorant idiot, i have more info about you. your the one making a game, I assure that in time anyone looking for your business or name on google or any other site will find the truth about you, if you think im lying your in for a surprize. why dont you just end all this? pull my slander and yours will get pulled, otherwise i think you are playing games because you can certainly stop it, so conclusion is... YOU GET WHAT YOU ASK FOR..... - 76junkyard

8-19-2014 Another Personal email from Charlie Pringle:
I bet you live a miserable life, maybe you should go to church and ask god to forgive you of all your lies and evil. and i know eveything uploaded to a public site is public domain but you are not understanding this picture, because you are so stupid and ignorant, you remind make a of a lowlife fagot, or someone that uses barn boots every day for his sheep

here is what one of Charlies customers got for leaving a neutral review

seller canceled for defected item Jul-07-14 12:18

Reply by 76junkyard (Jul-08-14 17:14): why nuetral feedback for being honest, this guy a deadbeat and will be blocked


Since the manifold I ordered from 76junkyard was useless, I had to order another one.
This time I ordered from eBay's chopstherocker. What a difference!

Hats off to Chopstherocker for a job well done.